Henry’s Crime review

            Despite an all-star cast and a promising premise, Henry’s Crime somehow never manages to become anything other than mildly amusing. There is humor, but not enough of it for me to say that this is a funny film. There is suspense, but never enough gravity to the situations to ever care much about the results. There are relationships, but this is not really a romantic film. Henry’s Crime has a little of everything, and still manages to be easily forgettable in all areas.

            The biggest problem of the film is the sleepwalking protagonist, Henry Torne (Keanu Reeves). Passive in nature, Henry unwittingly agrees to be a getaway driver for a group of bank robbers. Convicted of the crime he never meant to commit, Henry is changed by his time behind bars, mostly due to a friendship with a seasoned criminal (James Caan).

            Once released, these two begin their master plan to rob the very bank that Henry was already convicted for robbing. In order to get into the bank they must use an old forgotten entrance that is conveniently located in the dressing room of the leading actor for a small theater production. In order to gain access, Henry must become an actor, which leads to romantic feelings with the leading actress (Vera Farmiga). Despite an R-rating, this is a mild-mannered heist romantic comedy which will pass the time fine without clouding the head with any depth.

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