Another Earth Blu-ray review

            Another Earth is an independent science fiction film, a welcome return to interesting concepts over big-budget special effects and effective 3D graphics. Films like Moon and Another Earth take back the essence of what the genre is, giving us solid and thoughtful filmmaking, and films which provide spectacular acting pieces for worthy actors.

            When a miraculous discover is made of a nearby planet which resembles Earth in nearly every way, it changes the way people think about the world in the same way the discovery of a round world once did. For some it changed their lives indirectly. One of these people is an irresponsible student named Rhoda (Brit Marling), whose drunken driving is distracted by the news of another earth which results in a tragic car accident. This changes the course of Rhoda’s life, and when she is released from prison years later all she wants to repair the damage she has done and to start over.

            The opportunity for this arises in further discovery of the mysterious planet which remained hidden behind the sun for so many years. It turns out that there is more than just the planet which is familiar with our Earth. When the similarities are so great that the planet is deemed Earth 2, it seems an opportunity for a new life to many people. Rhoda sees this as an escape and enters a contest for a trip to Earth 2, while also building a false relationship with the man she hurt the most by her careless actions (William Mapother).

            The Blu-ray combo pack includes the high definition disc along with a DVD and digital copy of the film. The special features are exclusively on the Blu-ray disc and include deleted scenes, two featurettes, a Fox Movie Channel special and a music video by Fall On Your Sword. One of the featurettes is a making-of featurette, while the other is about the science behind the film’s plot.

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