The Lion King

            The Lion King truly is a modern classic, and is a perfect example of the reason Disney animation in the 90s is considered by many to be as rich a period as decades earlier. From music to animation, The Lion King is unforgettable for children and adults alike, and now it is even being shown in 3D theatrically. In conjunction with that theatrical release, the Diamond Edition Blu-ray release is also being released with never-before-seen footage and deleted music.

            This epic animated classic takes audiences on safari in Africa, opening with a sequence in which all of the animals gather to the song “Circle of Life” and celebrate the birth of a lion cub named Simba, destined to be the king of the land some day. A Shakespearian storyline emerges as Simba grows up with longings of being king, and at the same time his uncle plots a way to take the throne away from his brother and nephew. Simba loses a parent and is banished from the kingdom, but eventually all is set right and the young cub grows to be a lion and a king.

             This spectacular hand drawn animation looks even better in high definition, and that isn’t all the Blu-ray disc has to offer. There is a DVD also included in the 2-disc combo pack, and that includes a memoir bonus featurette. The Blu-ray has many more features beyond this, from a handful of never before seen footage to an interactive Blu-ray gallery. Many of the special features are new to this package, but also included is the option to view the original DVD special features through BD-Live.

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