The River Why Blu-ray review

            Based on the novel by John Hay Osborn, Jr., The River Why is another film which makes fishing feel like a spiritual experience. Like A River Runs Through It, The River Why is filled with lush scenery and a peaceful existence living off of the land, and the water. It is also about love and life, but mostly it is about fishing. Some of the narrative’s more profound moments are dealt with subtly, whereas the plot has a bit less grace than the dialogue.

            Surviving between two bickering fishing parents and employed by his famous fly-fishing father (William Hurt), Gus (Zach Gilford) decides to flee and find peace somewhere in solitude. Finding a secluded cabin on the banks of the river in Oregon, Gus makes a simple life for himself. Earning money by making fishing gear and spending the remainder of his time fishing, Gus thinks he has found paradise. Then he discovers that the girl he once pined for at a convention happens to live near his secluded cabin.

            Eddy (Amber Heard) is a unique and free-spirited young woman, just as in love with fishing as Gus is. They seem destined to be together, but Gus first must discover more about himself. Going fishing for his soul with a local philosopher, Gus is able to come to terms with the childhood he had and the family he left behind. The Blu-ray includes interviews with the cast and crew, as well as the spectacular high definition presentation of the rich Oregon cinematography.

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