Flypaper Blu-ray review

            Flypaper is a surprisingly original crime caper, one which kept me entertained and guessing the whole way through. Colorful characters and a creative plot are fuelled by great dialogue and perfect acting. A simple bank robbery is complicated beyond belief, and one of the hostages compulsively insists on solving the mystery. Bank robberies have been done countless times on film, but none have ever been made that approach it the way Flypaper does, making the viewing of this film a refreshing change.

            Patrick Dempsey (“Grey’s Anatomy”) stars as a detail obsessed customer at a bank. When his interaction with a bank teller (Ashley Judd) is interrupted by two simultaneous bank robberies, the mystery of their arrival and one man’s death becomes an obsession for the quirky customer. One pair of bank robbers are high tech and after the vault, while the others are dim-witted hicks hoping to get into the ATM machines. With a bank full of customers and employees, both these pairs of crooks attempt to walk away richer, but instead their plans are fowled up.

            With a powerhouse cast that also includes Tim Blake Nelson and Mekhi Phifer as two of the opposing bank robbers and Jeffrey Tambor as the bank manager, Flypaper is constantly entertaining. There are no dull moments and comedy matches the suspense in the screenplay by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (The Hangover). The Blu-ray includes interviews and a trailer. The high definition presentation actually comes into use more than you might think, as there are a few action-packed moments.


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