Terri review

   Terri is a strange coming of age tale, one which is unique and clever while never being entirely relatable. There are some great moments within the film, but often it feels weighed down by a bit too much forced discomfort in awkward situations. Being a teenager was awkward enough the first time, and watching Terri almost felt like being forced to go through it all again.

            Terri follows the title character as he navigates the early years of high school. Newcomer Jacob Wysocki is not the type of kid you will see on “Gossip Girl.” He’s more like the type of kid who may have been on “Freaks and Geeks;” a real looking teenager who has the added difficulties of his quirky choices. He wears pajamas all of the time, which garners the attention of the friendly vice principal (John C. Reilly). At the same time Terri becomes friends with the vice principal, he becomes friends with another attractive outsider (Olivia Crocicchia). All the while he is forced to look after his mentally diminishing uncle (Creed Bratton). 

            The performances in Terri are all-around enjoyable and believable, with the exception of Crocicchia. She can hardly be blamed, having started as a much younger child actress on TV’s “Rescue Me.” As she grew older on that show I became more and more irritated watching her performance, and her performance in Terri is even more painful to endure.

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