The Change-Up Blu-ray review

            Every few years we get another body-switch film, and there is rarely anything new to be done with the story. The only thing that makes the Change-Up stand out is the fact that it is R-rated and contains much more toilet and bedroom humor than the average body switch film. But it has all of the same jokes that many other recent bromantic comedies have, especially Hall Pass.

            Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman head up this male-oriented comedy about two longtime friends who have taken extremely divergent paths in life. Dave (Bateman) is a responsible lawyer and family man, working endlessly to become partner at his firm while also raising his three children with his wife (Leslie Mann). Even the temptation of an attractive co-worker (Olivia Wilde) is not enough to pull him away from his responsibilities. Dave’s childhood friend, Mitch (Reynolds), has taken the less responsible lifestyle of a single actor. When these two share a drunken night peeing in a park fountain, they awake in each other’s body.

            The humor is so predictable that it almost feels as though the audience can fill in the storyline before it even occurs. Mitch is forced to become responsible for the first time in his life, while Dave is finally given the ability to learn how to relax and enjoy life. They each have their own lesson to learn before they can return to their own bodies and their own lives. Throw in some poop jokes every few minutes and a few surprising nude scenes from real-life mom Mann and you have a movie.

            The Blu-ray combo package includes a DVD and digital copy, as well as the high definition disc. The Blu-ray includes both a theatrical and unrated version of the film, which is about five minutes longer. The special features include a collection of extra footage, including deleted scenes and a humorous gag reel. There is also a feature commentary and a making-of featurette. Exclusive to the Blu-ray is the BD-Live and Pocket Blu applications.

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