Gia Blu-ray review

            Gia may be best known for the nude scenes it contains of the sex symbol Angelina Jolie, which only enforces the perfection of casting her as the tragic supermodel. This Golden Globe award-winning performance shows the actress’ range far beyond sexy scenes, as fame takes over the young beauty’s life and she becomes emotionally dependant on drug addiction to survive the high fashion lifestyle many would kill to have.

            Making her mark in the 1970s, when all models seemed to be cookie cutter and blonde, Gia took the fashion world by storm. She had a look which was more exotic, and her attitude was more dangerous and wild than all the rest of the girls. Despite her unpredictable nature, Gia quickly became the model in most demand. She booked endless jobs but found no happiness when she couldn’t seem to make her personal life work out as well.

            The Blu-ray release of Gia is presented in the unrated version. I’m not sure how much is added to the film, but I’m sure at least a little more of that is extra scenes with Jolie in the buff. The tragedy of the film is quick to take over, however, and there is not much titillation in the story of Gia’s short life. The unrated version runs at 125 minutes, and is presented in flawless high definition. There are no special features.  

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