Three Amigos Blu-ray eview

            Three Amigos was a film that I watched countless times as a child. For me it was an instant comedy classic, as well as a legendary pairing of comedic genius. Now this 1986 gem is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a much anticipated Blu-ray release. All of the glory that is Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short can now be seen in digitally remastered high definition with 20-minutes of never-before-seen footage.

            The Three Amigos is a silent screen comedy act starring three actors (Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short) whose careers have seen better days. They are mistakenly thought to be real by a group of Mexican peasant who are being brutally terrorized by a gang of banditos. When an ignorant villager sends the actors a letter asking for their help, the ignorant actors believe that they have been hired to make a film. When they show up in Mexico expecting to act, they find that real danger exists instead.

            Using the abilities they have honed as actors, the three decide to attempt to save the villagers, with uproarious results. The Wild Bunch meets Blazing Saddles in this classic comedy by John Landis. The Blu-ray includes twenty-minutes of deleted scenes which were used in an alternate cut of the film. There are also vintage interviews with the cast members from 1986 and inside the package is a 16-page commemorative booklet.

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