Fright Night Blu-ray review

            The remake of Fright Night is engaging, fun and full of surprises. It is an enjoyable film, but also completely unnecessary. In the wake of a sudden revival of the vampire film, suddenly we are seeing remakes of the vamp films from the past. Fright Night is a fun film because of how unabashedly it jumps into the vampire mythology, and it addresses the Twilight craze within the dialogue. Well cast and executed, Fright Night is not difficult to recommend.

            There is little suspicion before the paranoia is confirmed, which is what makes Fright Night such a thrilling experience. It barely pauses for exposition before jumping into the horror of the situation. Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) is a teenager with normal concerns, but his location makes a normal life impossible. In a suburb just outside of Las Vegas, Charlie lives right next door to a dangerous vampire named Jerry Dandrige (Colin Farrell). Jerry is a deadly vampire who seduces victims and slowly feeds on them. Charlie’s only hope is to obtain the help of a Las Vegas magician named Peter Vincent, who is also a self-proclaimed vampire expert/slayer.

            Fright Night has just as many laugh as there are thrills, but it achieves this without becoming a spoof. The horror elements of the film don’t leave, and the laughs are a necessary relief from the suspense. The cast is all rather effective, with Farrell giving a particularly fun performance, and that helps make this unnecessary remake a bit more enjoyable.
            The Two-Disc Combo Pack includes a DVD and Blu-ray of the film. The DVD comes with bloopers and a Kid Cudi music video, along with some of the footage used as a film within the film. The Blu-ray features include five exclusive deleted scenes. There is also a Peter Vincent feature and a guide to making a funny vampire film. All od the DVD features are also included on the Blu-ray.   


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