Evil Dead II Blu-ray review

            In celebration of the film’s 25th Anniversary, Evil Dead 2 has once again been brought to Blu-ray. This is the second Blu-ray release and it comes with an improved high definition transfer of the cult classic along with an assortment of new special features. The film itself is a piece of brilliant camp horror, unforgettable even after twenty-five years, and this Blu-ray release is now the best available way to watch the classic by Sam Raimi.

            Like Desperado to El Mariachi, Evil Dead 2 is less a sequel than it is a remake of the first great independent horror film by Raimi. Evil Dead was about a book which unleashes the evil spirits in the woods near a cabin, creating bloody chaos for a group of young adults on vacation. The sequel/remake has Ash returning to the exact same cabin with his girlfriend, though he apparently has no recollection of the past adventure into gore. A tape player is pressed and the ancient words are spoken to raise the evil spirits. Soon Ash is in a battle against the legions of the damned in the secluded cabin.

            Written and directed by Same Raimi, Evil Dead 2 may be as fun as a horror film can be. There are thrills, scares, plenty of gore and just as many laughs. It is a comedy horror which is still frightening when it is at its silliest. The high definition presentation shows the neglect with which this cult classic has gone through in 25 years, but the presentation is still far superior to the previous Blu-ray release. There are also new special features, including a retrospective on the film and interviews with crew and cast members. There are also featurettes on the technical achievements within the film, and a spectacular commentary track with Raimi and Campbell.

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