Monte Carlo

            Another teen fantasy takes place in France in Monte Carlo, a film which strings together a series of unlikely events to give a trio of girls the perfect vacation with matching men for each. This is the type of film that only a teenager who has never traveled alone will believe, filled with romance better enjoyed by someone who has never even been kissed yet. It is light and harmless fantasy fun, but the saccharine storyline may be nauseating for even the slightest of cynical sentimentalities.

            After Grace spends all of high school waiting tables at a diner to save up for a graduation trip to Paris, her mother insists that she takes with her 21-year-old step-sister, Meg (Leighton Meester of TV’s “Gossip Girl”). Also going on the trip is Grace’s co-worker, Emma (Katie Cassidy), who also was a classmate of Meg. These three find themselves immersed in a less than enjoyable bus tour until Grace is accidentally mistaken for a wealthy British socialite.

            The three girls are pulled into the socialite’s schedule when she suddenly decides to flee her responsibilities, and they are taken to Monte Carlo for an extravagant vacation from their vacation. Each of the girls becomes entangled in an attractive man to enhance the fantasy even further. There are the usual hijinks when doubles and mistaken identity storylines take over.

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