Puncture Blu-ray review

            Puncture is yet another untraditional courtroom drama, one which hardly sets foot in a courtroom at all. It is much more about the corruption within the health care community and pharmaceutical companies than it is about law, though the case is what the film is based on. Inspired by true events, Puncture tells the tale of a determined young lawyer in a case which could help save the lives of health care workers. The lawyer heading up the case, Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) also happened to be a heavy recreational drug user.

            Functioning drug addict and brilliant lawyer, Weiss is immediately interested when he is approached by a nurse named Vicky (Vinessa Shaw) with AIDS. She was punctured by an infected needle on the job and is frustrated to discover that they technology to prevent this has been invented. The only reason that it has not been spread and used by healthcare workers is due to the greed of the pharmaceutical companies, and Weiss becomes determined to battle them at any cost. His responsible partner Paul (played by co-director Mark Kassen) is less eager to take on such a difficult fight.

            Puncture is a lot like A Civil Case or Erin Brockivich, but with drug addiction. Weiss’s drug use and erratic lifestyle is what makes this film more interesting. The pharmaceutical conspiracies are more than believable but merely infuriating rather than entertaining. The special features include bonus material

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