Vampires DVD review

            Every so often the trends in the horror genre shift. Something new arrives or is revived and remains popular until it has been done to death, at which point the subject is dealt with comically before moving on. Zombie films had Shaun of the Dead and the vampire trend of Twilight and its more gruesome counterparts are met with the Belgian mockumentary comedy horror, Vampires.

            Creating a new mythos which is more humor than horror, Vampires gets rid of the notion that vampires are scary, sexy or even interesting. They are just ordinary people who happen to drink blood. We enter a vampire household to see how they act, finding that the father is trying a little too hard to be Bela Lugosi while the mother seems to act more like a cat than a human being. Their children are an irresponsible young man and a teenage girl who wants to be human rather than a vampire.

            In this mythology the vampires are more political than anything else. They have all sorts of rules, including the requirement of children before a vampire family can have a home. They have another vampire couple living with them because of their inability to keep children without killing them. When rules are broken then it is the higher vampire authorities which make decisions, and our vampire family is inevitably banished to Canada for their crimes.

            The DVD includes a few deleted scenes and a trailer.

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