Blue Velvet Blu-ray review

            Blue Velvet begins with an unforgettable cinematic moment, the camera tracking through a peaceful suburban neighborhood before landing on the unexpected reveal of a dismembered ear lying in the grass of a neighborhood field. And so begins a masterpiece of exploration into the dark corners of a small town, including murder mystery and sadistic sexual habits of a demented drug addict. Visually stunning and shocking narrative make for a spectacular high definition presentation on this Blu-ray release of David Lynch’s cult classic.

            The story begins once clean-cut Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) finds the ear, and becomes obsessed with the discovery of its origins. He cannot rest once he peels back the surface of his hometown and finds a rotting core of indiscretion and mystery. With the help of a willing young girl (Laura Dern), Jeffrey discovers a mystery involving a nightclub singer (Isabella Rossellini) with a few disturbing secrets, and her involvement with a psychopathic drug addict (Dennis Hopper) who has a few sexual kinks that seem best suited for Silence of the Lambs.

            The 25th Anniversary Blu-ray release is highlighted by the high definition presentation of the highly visual film, but there are also a few special features to take home as well. There is newly discovered lost footage for one thing, and over fifty-minutes of it. In addition there is also a documentary about the making of this classic, the original “Siskel and Ebert” review segment and a collection of trailers and outtakes.

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