Quigley Down Under Blu-ray review

            It is a shame that the western is not what it once was in popularity. Had this not been the case in the early 1990s, perhaps Tom Selleck and his moustache would have stuck around longer. After the 80s this star just seemed to go out of style, but his facial hair is timeless within a western. Selleck seems born to play a cowboy and Quigley Down Under briefly revitalized the genre and gave this actor one of his best roles. Now this classic can finally be seen on high definition Blu-ray.

            Moving the Wild West to Australia has been a way that westerns have stayed alive in recent years, but Quigley Down Under was way ahead of the game in this regard. Selleck stars as Matthew Quigley, an American sharpshooter who arrives in Australia with the belief that he has been hired to kill wild dogs. This is a strange job that he is willing to take, but when he discovers that the “dogs” are actually unwanted Aborigines living on the land a wealthy cattle baron has taken over, Quigley refuses his employer. Instead he pairs up with the Aborigines in a fight against his own boss.

            The sweeping visuals of Quigley Down Under match that of traditional westerns, with plenty of breathtaking scope to be captures in the high definition presentation of the Blu-ray disc. The special features include a documentary about the rebirth of the western, as well as a trailer and TV spot gallery.

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