Hostel Part III DVD review

            Eli Roth is one of the few directors to direct the sequel to a horror film. Most horror films have sequels, but few are with the same director. Even Roth knew to stay away from the third. With more of the same torture gore porn and a bit worse acting than the rest, not to mention a missing element of plausibility; Hostel Part III is mostly just a bore. It may even be milder in content. With Roth gone there is a little less creativity in the violence.

            This time around the torture sessions are given the added twist of gambling, which is possible because they take place underground in Las Vegas. Although this premise sounds promising, it is rarely of concern what the gamblers are betting on. The whole thing is very half-baked, and more emphasis is placed on the twists regarding the reason the victims are chosen. Like a horror version of The Hangover, Hostel Part III begins with a bachelor party in Vegas and ends in a nightmare recovery the next morning.

            A groom and his groomsmen are split up after a night of drinking and celebrating, and along with missing members of the party is an escort. The escort’s friend and the groomsmen set out to find the missing people and instead end up in the same trap. The structure of the series has not changed, although all believability has. There is even such an insistent attempt to throw twists into the film’s narrative that the deaths don’t take much focus in the film. This may be for the best, but it is bound to disappoint those who relished the creative killings of the first films.

            The DVD includes commentary track with the new director Scott Spiegel, along with actor Kip Pardue.

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