Triple Tap Blu-ray review

            Triple Tap is not high adrenaline action. It is slow burning suspense film, more police procedural and mystery than gunfight or chase-filled. There is some action, but it is all extremely essential to the storyline. Knowing this will make for a much more enjoyable viewing experience, because Triple Tap is a solid film beneath the marketing campaign which makes it seem like something it is not.

            The film begins with a marksman competition. Officer Jerry Chong (Daniel Wu) nearly wins the competition with a record-breaking score, only to be surpassed by the reigning champion, Ken Kwan (Louis Koo). This rivalry/friendship is what adds an extra element of confusion to the events which follow. Kwan comes across an armored van robbery after the competition, and he takes out his competition pistol to kill the four robbers after they shoot a highway cop.

            Although many find Kwan to be a hero, he is charged with the use of a gun in gun-controlled Hong Kong. This makes him appear even more as a martyr and hero, though Chong soon begins to find holes in the story. The mysteries behind the real reasons for the shooting become clear with the arrival of a surviving criminal out on the loose.

            The bonus features on the Blu-ray disc include deleted scenes, interviews and trailers. The high definition presentation of the film only truly becomes noticeable in a few sequences, with the rest of the film moving at a slower pace.

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