Little Deaths DVD review

            Little Deaths is just another anthology film in many ways. The only thing setting it apart is the lengths that it goes to in order to shock and offend the audience, primarily with the combination of sex and violence. One of the three sections of the film cannot even be called horror in any ways beyond the cruelty with which a man’s girlfriend uses sex to hurt him. Other sections are gruesome enough to make up for this emo-horror.

            Thankfully there are only three sections to this anthology, because I don’t believe I could have taken more of the vulgarity. It is purposefully shocking, sexually in more ways than violently. The first story is about a homeless girl who is brought back to the home of a seemingly normal couple for dinner and discovers that they are sexual perverts. This takes a brutal turn which involves creatures and a gory finale.

The second film is about a call girl who begins taking an experimental drug to try and get her life in order, but instead finds herself mentally linked to a well-hung man hanging in a medical facility. The final story is one of absolute cruelty when a man finds himself in a relationship with a relentlessly cruel woman. He plots revenge when she pushes him past the point of caring at all, sleeping around without concern for his feelings.

The DVD of Little Deaths includes a behind-the-scenes featurette for this British horror show, along with a trailer.

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