The Usual Suspects Blu-ray review

Instant classic and also one of the greatest twist endings on film, The Usual Suspects is an admirable addition to any collection, whether DVD or Blu-ray. The Usual Suspects is directed by Bryan Singer with an Academy Award winning screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie, who had such great success with this film that he was allowed to direct his own screenplay next time around.  Kevin Spacey received his first Academy Award as Verbal Kint, a criminal in a police interrogation room trying to convince the detectives that a mythical crime lord exists and killed many of his partners in a San Pedro Harbor explosion.

The twist ending and Spacey’s performance may be what most remember about this gripping thriller, but there is much more to praise. Storytelling at its best and filmmaking at its finest, The Usual Suspect is a well made film with many moments to re-watch, many performances to admire. The Blu-ray collectible book is a fitting display of the film’s quality.

The original DVD release was actually a special edition, due to the immediate success of the film, and included all sorts of great features including a fantastic commentary track with Singer and McQuarrie. There is also a commentary track with John Ottman, the editor of the film. The featurettes cover everything from the cast to the Cannes Film Festival, there are a number of deleted scenes, and there is even a gag reel with an introduction by Singer. All of these features have been transferred over to the Blu-ray, along with a limited edition collectible book packaging with photos and trivia.

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