Brazil Blu-ray review

            This is exactly the type of film which high definition was made for. Terry Gilliam’s brilliantly visual Brazil has elements of satire and elements of science fiction, all coming together in a fantastically unforgettable film. The only shame is that the director’s cut was not included in this package. As brilliant as even the theatrical cut may be, this package seems to be missing a great deal available on DVD, including special features.

            Taking place in a future world which is somewhere between Blade Runner, Minority Report and a Monty Python film, Jonathan Pryce stars as a government clerk whose life is turned upside down when he attempts to correct a clerical error in the system. Instead he becomes an enemy of the system and hunted like all of the revolutionary types, including the one that illegally fixes his air conditioning for him (played by Robert DeNiro).

            The visual spectacle of the futuristic world of intense government control in the technologically advanced civilization is what makes this film unique. The storyline will mess with your head, but it has a lighter feeling than most satirical science fiction films. The high definition enhances the film because there is no static in the frame, but there doesn’t seem to be much restoration, or special features.


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