Original Sin review

            Original Sin is an effective erotic thriller, and one in which both of the stars were at their prime. It is a film filled with many twists and turns, one which effectively bounces between period romance in a unique noir-type narrative. At the same time it has the proper amount of erotic sex scenes to appease the fans of these attractive stars. All of the sex, suspense and double-crosses, Original Sin is a delightfully luscious film from beginning to end.

            The film begins as a wealthy Cuban merchant (Antonio Banderas) announces his engagement to a woman from America he only known from letters. This woman known as Julia (Angelina Jolie), appears as a different woman from the pictures sent to the merchant. She explain that she kept her beauty a secret so as to know her husband did not want her for that alone, and the merchant explain his hidden fortune the same way. All seems to be going well, and the pair even manage to find lusting after each other rather easy.

            This easy match is too good to be true however, and the merchant soon finds himself swindled by the woman claiming to be Julia. Instead of longing to kill her, however, he is still fascinated with her despite her lies and deception. After seeking her for revenge, his love is much more overpowering.

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