Prom review

            Prom begins with the line “High School. It happens to everyone.” I have no doubt that this is actually fairly accurate to the kind of intelligence which can be expected from the age group the film is about and directed at, but I have little interest in dialogue like this. The entire film is filled with predictable moments and cookie-cutter high school clichés. There is nothing edgy or questionable about Prom, not even an inkling of a suggestion that some of the guys may be drinking or the girls may drop their dress for those boys at the end of the night. This is a film which might as well be made for 13-year-old girls to start planning their future proms. It is a high school film which seems to be made for a younger age group, so there can’t be much expected as far as content is concerned.

            There are many characters in Prom, all dealing with…well, prom. Some are in a relationship and worried that the evening will be ruined because of future college plans, others are still trying desperately to find a date. Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden) is in need of a date and a miracle when all of her prom decorations are ruined by accident. When a bad boy (Thomas McDonell), complete with motorcycle, happens to be nearby after the accident, he is given the task of helping Nova fix everything in time for prom. We know where this relationship is going long before they do, as it all seems a bit too reminiscent of 10 Things I Hate About You and dozens of other more memorable high school comedies.

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