The Fox and the Hound Blu-ray review

            In Commemoration of its 30th Anniversary, The Fox and the Hound has been brought to Blu-ray, along with the straight-to-DVD sequel. Both films are included on both DVD and Blu-ray, though the focus should remain on the original film. The quality is seriously lacking in the second feature, but it looks better to have two films rather than just one, I suppose.

            The Fox and the Hound is a lesser remembered Disney classic, mostly because it came out in a less compelling decade for Disney films. The story follows in the tradition of Disney movies, however, beginning with a fox losing its mother. When the baby fox’s mother is shot by hunters like Bambi’s mother, Tod (Voiced by Mickey Rooney) is raised by a kind old woman. As a cub he befriends a local hound puppy named Copper (voiced by Kurt Russell). These two are friends until they grow up and realize that they are meant to be enemies in life. The sequel from 2006 continues the story of Copper and Tod, but it continues it when they were pups still. It is a confusing and unnecessary addition.

            The hand-drawn animation looks spectacular in high definition, and it is presented in widescreen unlike many of the older classics. The same cannot be said about the sequel, which is poorly animated and conceived. Each of the films have individual DVDs included in the three-disc set. The Blu-ray disc is able to contain both films, plus all of the special features. These include a featurette about animal friends in nature, but this is more about the storyline than the making of the film in any capacity. There is also a making-of featurette, but it appears that most of the special features are directed at children. There is even a sing-a-long.   

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