Jumping the Broom review

            Hollywood will never tire of wedding movies. They have all of the important elements already packed into the storyline. We all know the movie must end with the wedding, but we are still meant to be drawn into the drama which threatens to cancel the ceremony. Jumping the Broom may take this a little too far, throwing a left-field twist into the storyline in the last quarter of the film. There are many things forced into this film which may not belong. As simple as the wedding formula is, Jumping the Broom tries to do too many thing with it at once. While some work, they are mostly lost in a sea of quickly created characters.

            Every wedding film has to have some kind of a catch. Inter-racial weddings are a favorite, but Jumping the Broom is about an inter-class wedding. Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) is from a wealthy family, while Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso) comes from a blue-collar family. When they decide to get married before their families have even met, there is a disaster waiting at the wedding. Jason’s mother (Loretta Devine) immediately clashes with Sabrina’s mother (Angela Bassett) and every detail becomes a battle.

            There are some terrible moments, but overall this is exactly what you might expect from a wedding movie. It is light and fluffy entertainment, which is why there always seem to be a few of them in the first few months of the year. It is an annual release date for this particular type of film.

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