Source Code Blu-ray review

            Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the time travel storyline with Source Code, a simple yet effective science fiction thriller from the same filmmaker that brought us the marvelous Moon. Duncan Jones is becomes known for realistic and compelling science fiction, and it will be interesting to see what he does next. Source Code is a thriller which remains entertaining while presenting a unique idea.

            Gyllenhaal stars as a soldier used in an experimental project which uses a unique type of time travel in order to solve a problem from the past. This scenario had the soldier inhabiting the body of a passenger aboard a train which was blown up in a terrorist attack. The hope is that the train may hold some clues in order to find the terrorist before he sets off more bombs.

            There are many twists and turns within the storyline, all of which are better experienced than read about. This is one of those films which shows you the same sequence over and over again, but unlike many films, it never gets old. There are always some changes to make it a unique, but impressively accurate transition from previous versions. The technical achievements of this film alone are worthy of praise.

            The Special Edition Blu-ray includes an audio commentary track with director Duncan Jones, writer Ben Ripley and Gyllenhaal. There is also a scene-specific feature for watching the film, which brings up interviews and featurettes for specific portions of the film. 

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