The Lincoln Lawyer review

            The Lincoln Lawyer is a mildly entertaining courtroom thriller, which doesn’t actually spend much time in court. Instead the film relies on many twists and turns and excess characters to keep the plot moving forward. Somehow this works in making for an entertaining, albeit slightly predictable, thriller. It works much more because of the cast than the screenplay, however, which seems a tad too obvious with each twist and development. The audience always seems less surprised at the revelations than the characters making them.

            Matthew McConaughey leads up the cast of talented actors. We already know from the past that McConaughey can play a slick lawyer, but Mickey Haller is somewhat of a different role from A Time To Kill. Haller is the top criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, doing most of his business out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car. I’m not sure where he is driving to when he is doing all of this business, but somehow he is always easily found by a group of bikers who are repeat clients of his. With the help of his investigator friend (William H. Macy), Haller gets criminals out of trouble.

            The latest case that Haller pulls in seems simple at first, involving a rich young man (Ryan Phillippe) accused of murder. The more Haller digs, and has his investigator dig, the more complicated the case becomes. He realizes that there are connections to a past case, as well as suspicions for why he was chosen in the first place. The cat and mouse game begins between the lawyer, and he finds himself in danger of more than just losing his case.

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