Fast Times at Ridgemont High Blu-ray review

            Based on the book by Cameron Crowe, which was adapted into a screenplay by Crowe, Fast Times at Rodgemont High was the filmmaker’s entrance into filmmaking. It is a classic teen film. Today it would be called a teen sex comedy and compared to American Pie, but there is much more than just sex in this fascinating cult classic. For one thing, there is Sean Penn as the classic stoner, Spicoli.

            Spicoli is one of many characters in this teen world which exists primarily at school, the mall or parties. There is drama and romance between these Southern California teenagers, and there is also a lot of sex and drugs. From the generation defining fantasy pool striptease by Phoebe Cates to Ray Walston’s relentless performance as the angry teacher constantly feuding with Spicoli, Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a classic worth revisiting.

            The Blu-ray presentation of the film is sharp and clear, though it doesn’t look to have been restored for the transfer. There are Blu-ray exclusive U-Control Blu-ray features, including one on the music and another on cast and bio info, all accessed during playback. There is also a retrospective documentary with the cast, and a feature commentary track by director Amy Heckerling and Crowe.

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