Blitz review

            Serial killer cop procedural meets Jason Statham action spectacle in Blitz, a film which tries to do too many things and ends up doing all of the in a mildly mediocre manner. Most of the material in this film has been done better elsewhere, in a variety of different films and genres. This is not to say that Blitz is bad, simply overall forgettable. This is unfortunate, because the moments that do work are spectacularly enjoyable and slightly more intelligent than the average Statham vehicle.

            Statham stars as a cop named Brant, whose attitude is as tough as his name. Dismissing procedure, Brant is the type of cop to senselessly beat any random thug he comes across, even during his off-hours. Despite many complaints, Brant is also particularly good at his job. He is good enough to recognize a good cop in Officer DC Porter Nash (Paddy Considine), a thorough cop often ridiculed by his peers for being a homosexual. During a drunken rant, Brant tells Nash that this doesn’t matter to him, and the pair proceeds to join forces in stopping a serial cop killer.

            Aidan Gillen stars as an intelligent and mad killer, taking revenge on all of the police officers he has deemed responsible for the pitfalls of his life. Brutally killing the officers in the street, this killer is a top priority to catch for the cops; so much a priority that somebody willing to break all of the rules to get the job done is considered an asset. Brant and Nash join forces and methods in hunting down the killer, making this film a buddy cop picture at its best.

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