Brother’s Justice review

            Brother’s Justice seems a lot like I’m Still Here, in far too many ways to be completely successful. Rather than Joaquin Phoenix pretending to give up acting for a rap career, Brother’s Justice is Dax Shepard pretending to give up comedy to try and be an action star. The style is more mockumentary, but Shepard did his best to fit it into his routine life during the time of filming. This means that he actually did dress up in karate garb at the Teen Choice Awards, for all of those people who actually watched.

            The biggest problem is that nobody really cares about Dax Shepard. He made his way on the prank show “Punked,” and since then he has been an average supporting player, but this film doesn’t really fit. I give credit to Shepard for committing to the idea, which spoofs Hollywood throughout the film, as a break from the mockumentary clutter. Shepard visits a lot of agents and producers and Hollywood types, including some mildly amusing cameos. Each of these scenes serves the sole purpose of having Shepard being told that his idea is terrible, over and over again. This gets slightly old.

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