Honeymoon in Vegas review

            This is the other Vegas movie with Nicolas Cage; the one without the excessive drinking or an airplane landing on the strip, although some aerial stunts do create the climactic moment of this romantic comedy. This is also the first Las Vegas film about financial difficulty and a man giving his woman to another man for a price. But unlike Indecent Proposal, which would come the following year, Honeymoon in Vegas is a lighthearted look at a similar situation.

            Case stars as Jack Singer, a man whose mother asks him never to marry on her death bed. This has kept him single for many years, but on impulse he proposes an elopement in Las Vegas to his long-time girlfriend, Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker). This plan falters no sooner than they arrive at the hotel, as they are spotted by former mobster Tommy Korman (James Caan), who orchestrates a plan to steal Betsy away. It seems that Betsy resembles a former wife, and Tommy is not opposed to dirty tricks in order to steal her away from Jack.

            Tommy invites Jack to a rigged poker game, and using an unbeatable hand as bait he is able to put the poor man in debt to him. In order to wipe the debt away, Tommy offers a solution. If Betsy spends the weekend with him, there will be no more money owed. Betsy goes along with it, thinking she has no choice, and is wooed by a weekend of lies and deception while Jack struggles to get her back.

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