Sympathy for Delicious

            There is a lot happening in Sympathy for Delicious, a film about a handicapped homeless former DJ who discovers he has the ability to heal people. At times the movie is all over the map, but it comes around and ends up being quite a winning little fantasy, untraditional as it is. It may not be a perfect film, but an admirable effort by actor/director Mark Ruffalo.

            Christopher Thornton stars as Dean O’Dwyer, a DJ who gives up on his dreams temporarily when an accident paralyzes him from the waist down. Homeless and living out of his car, Dean is befriended by a compassionate priest (Ruffalo). Simply by chance, Dean heals a homeless man, and soon others are coming to him. When the priest sees this gift, he immediately finds potential to help the neighborhood and the impoverished.

            On the other end of the spectrum is a rock band, that includes Orlando Bloom as the front man, Juliette Lewis as the bass player and Laura Linney as their manager. At first want nothing to do with Dean until they see his gift, suddenly convinced they can use it as a gimmick to sell tickets to their show and make them famous. Bloom is as awful as ever, but thankfully his vain little rock star role is limited. Thornton is the one who carries the film. Making the gift of healing seem both normal and a nuisance is not an easy task.

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