Limitless Blu-ray review

            Limitless is a fantasy film for a country in a terrible recession. In a bad economy where nobody seems to be doing well in life, what if there was a pill which would bring forth excellence. Perhaps this is a fantasy film for the pharmaceutical companies as well. An idea like this one would be priceless, and that is exactly what makes it so engaging as both a fantasy film and a thriller. Keeping the film more realistic keeps it more relevant.

            Bradley Cooper stars as a failing writer living in Manhattan. Even though he has finally achieved a book deal, he can’t seem to write anything. This lack of inspiration sends his life into a down spiral, losing his girlfriend in the process. When a coincidental run-in with his shady ex-brother-in-law provides him with a cutting edge pill that allows you to use the full 100% of your brain, the burned out writer becomes profoundly successful remarkably fast.

            Setting aside writing after a quick completion of a brilliant book, he then moves onto business. Quickly creating an algorithm for the stock market, he turns a small amount of money into millions of dollars within ten days. This attracts the attention of a successful business tycoon (Robert De Niro), who hires the prodigy. The problems arise when others discover the drug, and when there is a threat of the stash running out.

            The Blu-ray package also comes with a digital copy of the film. Included are both the theatrical and the unrated extended cut of the film. There is also a somewhat more morally responsible alternate ending to the film. I prefer the ending they went with. There is also an audio commentary with director Neil Burger, and two featurettes, including a making-of.  

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