Quarantine 2: Terminal review

            While Rec 2 stayed in the same location and continued its demonic explanation for the virus, Quarantine 2 moves away from the Spanish franchise it was inspired by. The virus is different in this franchise, as is the reason for terror. The one thing that stays the same in both is the quarantine aspect of the storyline. This time the characters become quarantined in an airport terminal when the virus breaks out aboard a flight.

            While the Spanish franchise is concerned with demonic possessions, the American version is instead fittingly worried about terrorism. When the virus breaks out aboard a commercial jet, it is not difficult to make comparisons to the types of fear. And once they have landed, it brings the same terror of confinement and abandonment that came with the first film.

            The main difference with this film is the abandonment of the documentary feel, using cameras in the storyline as the means of capturing footage. Now we are simply invisible viewers, like most films. This frees up the storyline some, but it also makes it somewhat expected in many other ways. The need to have a villain beyond the monsters takes over the storyline, and there are simply too many things that keep this from being a great film. It’s a shame too, with such a promising original concept for the sequel.

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