For a Few Dollars More Blu-ray review

            The second in Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western films together was For a Few Dollars More, which brought back “The Man With No Name,” although technically he has a name in this film. Regardless, this is yet another spectacular western from Leone, this time also co-starring Lee Van Cleef. At just over two hours, this film also begins to show the epic nature that Leone’s filmmaking was beginning to take.        

            This time around “The Man with No Name” (Eastwood) is a bounty hunter who has ambitions with his job. When he finds himself competing with another bounty hunter (Van Cleef) for the same murderous bandit planning a bank robbery, they join forces to infiltrate the gang and take their prize. Reluctant as they might be in their partnership, each brings something unique, which will be necessary with the number of surprises likely to come their way.

The high definition presentation of this spectacular western action film makes all of the difference. There are tons of special features, but all of these have been taken from a previous DVD release, and although it is nice to have them compactly on one disc, it is the high definition of the Blu-ray which makes this film worth owning in the best possible quality. The sound and picture is pristine, making this Blu-ray disc the best quality available.

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