Red White & Blue

            Red White and Blue seems daring, if only because it has graphic violence in what seems to be an ordinary independent drama at first. It is kind of like a horror films with better developed characters, but unfortunately they aren’t necessarily likeable. This makes for a long and difficult film viewing.

            At the center of the film’s story is a mentally unstable Iraq veteran and a sexually promiscuous cold-hearted young woman. Erica (Amanda Fuller) picks up random sexual partners with looks in a bar, and this is all well and fine for her damaged lifestyle, but eventually it becomes harmful to others. When Erica meets Nate, a scraggly looking vet living in her apartment building, he helps her get a job and befriends her.

            Somehow we are meant to fine Erica more sympathetic once she lets in a friend, especially one plutonic. Nate never tries to sleep with Erica, who sleeps with everyone she meets. This damaging behavior catches up to her eventually, leading to a gruesome climax in which the twisted characters come to a breaking point.

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