Elektra Luxx review

            The basic premise of Elektra Luxx is clear, but everything else about this film is a muddled mess. Carla Gugino stars as title character Elektra Luxx, a famous porn star who has retired to other lines of work. Her main source of income seems to be coming from teaching a sexology course at a local community college, as well as celebrity appearances. Her lifestyle should be fairly normal, but for some reason she continues to find herself in situations better left in porn.

            One of her student’s asks her to seduce a fiancé in order to rid the woman of her guilt from past indiscretions, but Luxx accidentally seduces a private investigator instead. At the same time we are forced to be involved in the random sub-plots of people barely connected to Luxx, including two porn stars who have unrequited feelings for each other and an internet obsessed fan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

            The humor never really soars in this film, somehow missing many opportunities in the creative concept. It is like there is a shell of a film here, but with no direction it just falls flat.

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