A Clockwork Orange Blu-ray review

Stanley Kubrick is one of the few directors to remain just as renowned and admired long after he stopped making films. Kubrick’s legend has lived on in his films, which seem to inevitably be released and re-released in new editions and various box sets. The latest craze of high definition Blu-ray has finally found its way around to the classic cult favorite of Kubrick’s; A Clockwork Orange.

Unlike many Blu-ray conversions, however, this package does not simply re-release the same special features from the DVD. Although those little gems are also included, there are many new treasures to discover in this book/2-disc Blu-ray package which is released in correlation with the film’s 40th Anniversary.

A frightening depiction of violence, again making use of music with Singing in the Rain being played during scenes of rape and murder, A Clockwork Orange is one of Kubrick’s more horrific  and shocking films. Based on Anthony Burgess’ novel, the film is a stark and disturbing view of the future as seen by a street hooligan (Malcolm McDowell), who is eventually reformed by disturbing methods.

The special features include a commentary track with McDowell and film historian Nick Redman, as well as a new retrospective by McDowell. There is also a new feature about the violence in the film, shown in high definition, and all of the older special features from the DVD, including the Channel Four documentary about the film.  The second disc includes two bonus feature-length documentaries. There is a career profile of McDowell, along with a feature film by the same director about Stanley Kubrick’s career.

            Along with two discs of great extras, not to mention an unforgettable film, they are placed in collectible book packaging that features 40 pages of photos, production notes, bios and trivia. There is also a bonus digital copy with the purchase of the package.

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