Children’s Hospital Season One review

            It would be easy to call Children’s Hospital a spoof of show’s like “Grey’s Anatomy” and move on, but the truth is that it is too underdeveloped to call it even that. At most these are of sub-par webisodes quality. There are shocking and offensive enough moments to make some people laugh, but mostly it just feels like lazy entertainment.

            Born from the disturbed comedic mind of Rob Corddry, Children’s Hospital has such short episodes that it is impossible to look at it as anything more than brief jokes. The cast seems dedicated to the idea of the series, and I’m certain that there are some with a short attention span who enjoy this vulgar display, but I wasn’t sold.

            There is a whole list of characters, including a handicapped Chief of medicine (Megan Mullally), a clown doctor (Corddry), and numerous attractive female (Malin Akerman, Lake Bell, Erinn Hayes) and male (Rob Huebel, Ken Marino) doctors. They are nearly indistinguishable to me, because all of the humor on this show seems to hit the same note, regardless of what characters are in the scene.

            The first season has only six episodes, while the second has twelve. Both seasons are include in this two-disc set, which also includes a number of special features, some of which are more entertaining than the series. There is a gag reel, as well as a number of outtakes along with some deleted scenes. There is also a music video and a featurette about Corddry.

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