Big Mommas Like Father, Like Son review

 It is hard to believe that of all the Martin Lawrence comedy vehicles, Big Momma’s House is the one which has brought him more work. It even has Bad Boys beat on sequels so far, and that franchise also has Will Smith. Lawrence must not have much else going on if he must continue to cross dress as the granny nanny FBI agent. And coincidentally, the third time around once again requires him to be the alter-ego undercover identity.

            This time around FBI agent Malcolm Turner (Lawrence) is forced to hide his teenage step-son (Brandon T. Jackson) also, and so they both don female outfitting and enter an all-girls performing arts school. The school is the key to finding missing evidence in the case which will clear Turner and his son, and it also provides ample cover for them as they hide from killers.

            It is coincidental that the girls school is also a performing arts school, because Turner and his step-son have a running debate over rap versus college. The performing arts school is like any other on film, with lunch time turning into a musical number with the whole cafeteria participating with their own gifts. The plot is like any other as well, and a love interest develops between the boy pretending to be a girl and a talented classmate. Big Momma has her own romance with a school janitor and a Twister game.

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