The Wild Hunt review

            Anytime a film is able to anger me, I know that it has done a good job. Not the films that anger me for wasting my time, but the ones with plots that are engrossing enough to upset me. The Wild Hunt had me furious by the end of the picture. It was a little long in getting to this point, but it was effective nevertheless. Even if I feel that the movie is a little too short at the end and a little too long at the beginning, it was a film which still produced a large reaction from me. For that reason alone, I would say it was well made.

            Shot on location in a village built in Quebec specifically used for medieval role playing, The Wild Hunt delves into a world of men with nothing better to do with their weekends than pretend that they live in a world of woods and war. There are knight and elves and even magic spells, but when Erik (Mark A. Krupa) enters the playing field, he isn’t there to play anything. He is simply looking for his girlfriend, a fickle and superficial girl who has escaped to be lusted after by many grown geeks.

            When Erik rescues his girlfriend from some aggressive role-players, he unwittingly sets off a string of events which make the games real. This is fascinating, as suddenly it is clear how many of the men are just pretending to be tough. This is a brutally original film, and certainly not one without moments of shocking violence.

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