Passion Play review

            I’m not sure if I should give away what this film is really about. It seems quite important to let people know what they are getting into with a film, and it isn’t fair to have them choose based only upon cast. In the case of Passion Play this may be quite misleading. At the same time, it seems as though great lengths were taken in the marketing of this film to hide what it is really about. This doesn’t seem to be because of the necessity of keeping the twist a secret, because it isn’t really a twist at all. It simply seems to be out of embarrassment.

            Let’s put it this way; one of the characters belongs to a circus freak side show, and her “deformity” is no scam. Mickey Rourke stars as Nate Pool, a jazz musician wanted dead by a gangster named Happy Shannon (Bill Murray). He is nearly killed in the desert, and afterwards he stumbles upon a mysterious carnival in the middle of nowhere. Inside is a beautiful woman named Lily (Megan Fox), with the ability to save him.
            The ending of the film, subtle as it may be, suggests something deeper going on within the film. This makes me like it slightly more, but there is a lot that simply annoyed me to get to that point. Each of the cast members are enjoyable to watch for different reasons, but never as enjoyable as they could have been in another film.


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