Jade Blu-ray review

            Jade resembles many other thriller of the same vein. There are many cliché moments surrounding the mysterious and slightly sexual death of wealthy tycoon. David Caruso plays the somewhat unexciting role of district attorney David Corelli, the man put on the case despite the fact that he has slept with the main suspect. Trina Gavin (Linda Fiorentino) has her fingerprints on the murder weapon and a number of the clues point towards her, but Corelli becomes determined to find another answer as he investigates. The climax may have revealed the ultimate answer, but the movie itself has a script so tangled up in its need to be suspenseful that it doesn’t really matter by the end.

            The film is directed by William Friedkin, and he does a few things to keep the film entertaining to watch, even when it makes no sense. There is a car chase through San Francisco which elevates the film momentarily, though it lacks any real context in the film when it leads to a narrative dead end. All of the film’s questions could be answer at the end of the film, but who really wants to wait that long to understand what they are watching.

            The Blu-ray release includes a high definition transfer which unimpressive to say the least. Though it certainly look better than it would on DVD, the print is not in great shape and has not been cleaned up enough for a high definition presentation. Seeing more shouldn’t mean seeing more scratches. The special features only include the theatrical trailer.

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