In Her Skin review

            In Her Skin would be a fairly straightforward film, one which seems more likely to be found on the Lifetime Channel were it not for the use of creative storytelling and disjointed narrative. Based on a true story and involving the emotional struggle of three specific women surrounding a disastrous event, In Her Skin seems primed for melodrama. Filmmaker Simone North manages to instead make a film which is compelling even with no surprises in the narrative.

            By giving the story from different perspectives, we are only finally given the truth about a missing person case when the right viewpoint is exposed. The parents of a popular teenage girl named Rachel (Katie Bell) become extremely worried when their daughter does not arrive on the bus she was supposed to come home on. The police insist that the young girl has most likely just run off, but the parents (played expertly by Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto) refuse to believe this.

            As our view switches to that of Caroline (Ruth Bradley), a homely loner who was a friend and neighbor of Rachel in years past, the truth of the mystery becomes more exposed. This is one of those films which draws all of its power from the fact that it is based on a true story.

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