Daydream Nation review

            If I have to sit through another coming-of age story about a teenage girl who thinks she knows more than everyone around her, providing only sarcasm and snide remarks as proof, I will promptly vomit. Daydream Nation is just another pretentious wannabe Juno look-a-like. One of those films was more than enough. This may be how teenagers act, but I’d rather not be forced to watch it. I would rather watch something we can give our youth to aspire to, something more like Easy A than Daydream Nation or Juno.

            But this isn’t that kind of film. This is the kind of film where the protagonist, bored seventeen-year-old Caroline Wexler (Kat Dennings), sleeps around simply because there is nothing better to do in the small town her father has moved her to. Her father only seems to be around to make the nice teenage boy (Reece Thompson) that has a crush on Caroline go away, and to flirt with his mother. Other than that, he seems clueless to the promiscuity of his bitchy daughter.

            The only thing that nearly saves this film is Thompson and the melodrama given to his character. Although it is done in a sloppy way, there is actually some compelling and interesting drama in this small-town story, but instead the film seems determined to focus on the affair Caroline has with her teacher (Josh Lucas). It’s tired and downright insulting to watch.

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