The Big C Season One review

            “The Big C” has a similar storyline to “Breaking Bad,” though it mostly stays on the lighthearted side, and only occasionally delves into purposefully unlawful behavior. Like Walt of “Breaking Bad,” Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) has just found out that she has cancer and very little life left to live. With her last years, Cathy decides that she is going to start living her life the way she has always wanted to. Transforming from a rule-following responsible wife and mother into a free-spirit, Cathy makes the most out of her remaining time, much to the dismay of those close to her.

            As a 42-year-old schoolteacher, Cathy begins a passive approach to education, though she takes a personal interest in one of her most rambunctious students (Gabourey Sidibe from Precious). At home she refuses to accept the childish behavior from her husband (Oliver Platt) or the selfish behavior from her son. She also reunites with her radical activist brother, finding that they share more in common now that social constraints don’t hold her back any longer.

            Linney is more than enjoyable as Cathy, a role which brought her a Golden Globe, and she is backed up by a compelling ensemble cast. The show itself is not nearly as original or profound as it seems to think it is, but the first thirteen episodes do show a great deal of promise. The first season is includes on three discs, which also have deletes scenes, outtakes and a character featurette. There are also interviews with cast members.

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