You've Got Mail review

            There was a great deal of fuss over the fact that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were collaborating once again with director Nora Ephron on a romantic comedy, but in hindsight they were destined to disappoint. There was no way that You’ve Got Mail was going to top Sleepless in Seattle, but adapting a remake of the classic Ernst Lubitsch holiday film, The Shop Around the Corner, was a great idea.
            At the same time, even though I enjoy the chemistry between Hanks and Ryan, You’ve Got Mail doesn’t compare to the original any more than it does Sleepless in Seattle. It is really a disappointment when compared to any other film, which is a shame because it actually isn’t half bad.
            Hanks and Ryan are natural enemies because he works for a large mega-book store and she owns a small specialty store threatened out of business. They despise each other, although they are also both unaware they are each other’s online pen pals. This is only complicated further because they are both in relationships with other people (Greg Kinnear and Parker Posey in supporting roles), but things turn out the way they are supposed to in romantic comedies.
            The highlight of the special features is the inclusion of a bonus DVD disc with a copy of The Shop Around the Corner. The Blu-ray includes a number of special features, including a commentary track with Ephron and producer Lauren Shuler Donner. There are also featurettes and music videos.

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