Somewhere film review

            Sofia Coppola seems to be trying desperately to revisit the success she had with Lost in Translation, once again telling a tale about a silent and irate looking actor. There is even a sequence in a foreign country where the actor looks uncomfortable as they are unclear of what is happening due to the language barrier. The only difference between films is that a near-romance is replaced with father-daughter relationship. Perhaps the reason Coppola keeps going back to this when writing and directing films is because she knows more about spending time with her father in expensive hotels ordering room service than anything else.

            Stephen Dorff stars as Johnny Marco, a movie star who doesn’t seem to do much of anything. He has the obligations for marketing and interviews which suggest a movie is soon to be released, but other than that he mostly lives a more depressing version of the lifestyle shown on “Entourage.” Things look up a bit when his 11-year-old daughter, Cleo (Elle Fanning) visits him. It breaks up the monotony of sleeping with random women and popping pain pills.

            Nothing much happens here, but maybe I’m just annoyed with Coppola’s style of filmmaking. Her films are beginning to annoy me. Somewhere isn’t bad, but it never really commits to anything other than showing us what it is like to have a famous father and to live in LA and travel to Italy. And it isn’t all that fun to watch.

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