Bunny and the Bull review

            Paul King is best known for directing the television series, “The Mighty Boosh.” This breakout success has afforded him the opportunity to make a film like Bunny and the Bull, which is full of the same crass and bizarre humor, while also managing to be rather sensitive. There is a bit of brilliance in this feature film by King, but there is also a lot of other stuff I could have easily done without. This may not be a perfect film, but it has its moments.

            Stephen Turnbull (Edward Hogg) is a recluse tied down to his apartment with a set of habits. He hasn’t had any contact with the outside world in months, but is forced out of his daily routine with an infestation of mice. This somehow forces Stephen to deal with the memories which haunt him, his recollection of a road trip with his best friend, Bunny (Simon Farnsby). The two of them had escaped on a trip across Europe after Stephen had his heart broken, and is filled with all sorts of surreal adventures.

This road trip is a memory in Stephen’s mind, making everything even more exaggerated. There is an absurdity in the visuals which is fantastical and imaginative, just like the popular television show. It is inventive and fun, but not altogether clear if it is necessary. The film sometimes gets caught up in forcing humor with somewhat unlikable characters, which only makes the characters even more unlikable.

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