New ABCs of Death Video Contest!

THE ABCs OF DEATH became one of the most talked about genre films of 2012/13. Hugely ambitious and immensely challenging, it was unlike anything fans had ever seen. Many loved it and a hell of a lot detested it - but the film was such a creative and financial success that Timpson Films, Drafthouse Films and Magnolia Pictures set forth on the creation of a sequel. The producers signed up 25 of the most exciting and innovative genre directors from around the globe... but there are 26 letters in the English alphabet - and once again, the search is on to find… THE 26TH DIRECTOR!

Last year,  UK's Lee Hardcastle wowed critics and audiences alike with his claymation tribute to commode chaos, and his "T is for Toilet" short was ultimately included in the final film - shown in theaters, festivals and homes around the world. Watch last year's winner below.

One lucky winner will become the ABCs OF DEATH 2's 26th director, receiving five thousand dollars cash and have their work included in the finished feature film alongside some of the world's most established horror directors.  Every submitted short will be featured on the ABCs OF DEATH 2 website to intrigue, sicken, terrify and crack up audiences across the globe. Also, a selection of the audience favorites will be included on the DVD/Bluray.
So how will the winner be chosen?

Two methods:
  1. SIX will be chosen by PUBLIC VOTE, calculated by facebook likes on the website. To vote, click the 'like' button above the video.

  1. SIX will be selected via a panel of genre aficionados made up of ABCs OF DEATH producers Tim League and Ant Timpson, Associate Producer Ted Geoghegan, Horror-Movie-A-Day Founder and Badass Digest contributor Brian Collins, Entertainment Weekly Senior Editor Clark Collis, author Grady Hendrix, and Fangoria Managing Editor Michael Gingold.
This way, the top 12 finalists will be a combination of audience and judge selections. These lucky finalists will then go on to the final judging round, where the sequel's 25 other directors - esteemed names such as Alex De La Iglesia, Bill Plympton, Vincenzo Natali, The Twisted Twins, and Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo - will select the final winner to be included in ABCs OF DEATH 2!

Though I encourage all of my readers to vote regardless of preference, I have a personal investment in one particular short and would greatly appreciate the support. To watch M is for Messiah, CLICK HERE! And don't forget to click that 'like' button on top of the video.


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